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local November 27, 2018

Are You An Accidental Landlord In Ashford? How To Let Easily

Even though many people are keen to become a landlord, and an area like Ashford is highly attractive for many investors and landlords, not everyone who acts as a landlord wanted to be one. There is a growing number of accidental landlords and this is the case in Ashford as it is the rest of the country.

There are many reasons why people become accidental landlords. A change in personal circumstances, be it work, education or personal matters, may see someone living elsewhere and looking to generate income from their property. Some accidental landlords inherited property from loved ones whereas other people have tried to sell their home but been unable to in the current climate.

No matter how you became a landlord, you need to know the regulations associated with the role. These are evolving all the time, but being an accidental landlord is no excuse for not remaining in touch with your legal requirements.

Some administrative tips accidental landlords in Ashford should consider include:

  • Do you need a landlord licence from the local council? If you do, obtain it
  • You must protect the tenant deposit in one of the authorised schemes within 30 days
  • You must provide an Energy Performance Certificate, EPC, and the property must be ranked E or higher
  • All gas appliances must be checked by a registered engineer and tenants must be provided with the Gas Safety Certificate within 28 days
  • You must provide a written tenancy agreement
  • You must provide prior notice when inspecting the property
  • Standard property insurance doesn’t cover your home, you must obtain landlord insurance

It is important that landlords understand the number of administrative matters they must take care of in the role. Many existing landlords have found their workload has increased in recent years and it is a challenging part of the role. However, help is always available and if you need guidance or assistance, contact Stevens Property Sales and Lets.

When it comes to letting your property successfully, you can make the process easier by following these guidelines.

Know who your most likely tenant is and present the property to them

When letting your property, it is important to know who the most likely tenant will be. This information makes it easier to promote your property while you can also present your property to the tastes of these potential tenants.

Ensure tenants are vetted

A good standard of tenant makes your life easier, so make sure that tenants are vetted. You want to make sure tenants are likely to pay on time and in full while treating your property with respect. It is important to obtain references from previous landlords while ensuring you are confident in the tenants’ financial status.

Be respectful to the tenant

No one is saying that landlords need to become best friends with tenants but there is a need to develop respect for your tenants. A solid working relationship creates a platform for a more harmonious existence, and this can make being a landlord much simpler and straightforward.

If you need assistance in any of these areas, Stevens Property Sales and Lets can help. We’re delighted to say we have helped many Ashford landlords provide the best standard of service to their tenants and we look forward to serving you too.

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