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local January 15, 2019

New Year Means New Demand For Rental Accommodation – Prepare Your Property

Most people accept that January is a time of year changes. There is nothing to stop you from making changes on any day of the year but the fresh slate that comes at the start of a New Year is important for many people.  This leads to some individuals making big changes in their life and this will lead to some tenants looking for new rental accommodation near the start of the year.

A change is as good as a rest, as the saying goes, and some people will believe that moving home will provide them with fresh impetus and renewed motivation for taking on the world. At Stevens Property Sales and Lettings, we have helped many landlords provide the best standard of service to their tenants, and we want landlords to know we are here to help if you’re looking to prepare your property for a change.

Be ready for fresh challenges in 2019

It may be that you have existing tenants who have informed you that they intend to move out. This provides you with the challenge of finding new tenants because no landlord wants their property lying empty. Void periods lead to landlords losing money, so if your tenants are moving out, or you believe they might, it is best to take action sooner rather than later.

It may be that you have available property and you want to ensure you appeal to the tenants who are likely to move home in the next few months. There is going to be competition in the rental market, so make some improvements to your home to ensure you have a better chance of connecting with these tenants.

Some quick tips for landlords to consider in winter include: 

  • Review your heating system and consider upgrades or improvements if required
  • Consider your flooring – hardwood or tiles are stylish but carpeting offers more insulation
  • Is it better for you to offer a furnished or unfurnished flat?
  • Get around to finishing off all the DIY jobs you haven’t managed so far

It is also important for landlords to spend some time focusing on the local market and the sort of tenant they want to have at home. If a landlord is only looking to let their property quickly, knowing who the most likely tenants in the local are will help. When you know who is most likely to let your home, you can present the home to suit these tenant’s tastes while promoting it directly to them.

If you have a preferred tenant in mind, reach out to them

If there is a type of tenant you want to appeal to, get to know them. When you know what a group of tenants are looking for and where you can best find them, presenting your rental accommodation to them becomes a much simpler process.

New Year means many things for many people, but it often means change. As a landlord, you should look to embrace change and enjoy the opportunities that arise from whatever new comes along. If you want to make the most of 2019, contact Stevens Property Sales and Lettings and we will help you care for your rental property and tenants.

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New Year Means New Demand For Rental Accommodation – Prepare Your Property