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March 8, 2021

Steven's Online Valuation Tool

Stevens’ Online Valuation Tool 


If you’ve ever thought about moving house, the first thing you’re going to want to know is how much your current house is worth, and this is where our online valuation tool comes in.

You might be wondering why you can’t just go to an estate agent and get them to come and value it - and of course, you can do that (they’re normally just thrilled to get out of the office, to be honest), but let’s consider why doing it online might be a more convenient port of call for you!

Let’s take our friend, Karen, for example - (or Kay, as she goes by these days since the internet turned her into a meme) - she’s been wanting to get the house valued for ages - but she never seems to have the time. When she and Bill first moved onto Park Farm in Ashford, the development didn’t include the Bridgefield estate and beyond; the nearby supermarket was known as ‘the small’ Tesco, and there was just one play park. How would the growth of this area of Ashford affect the value of their property?

To be honest, she didn’t fancy traipsing around every estate agent in town with a dinosaur-obsessed, 3-year old in tow; she’s still recovering from the time he leaped out, growling fiercely, from behind the cake display in Asda and nearly gave an old lady a heart attack.


Luckily there’s an easier way...


What Is Stevens’ Online Valuation Tool?

Our online valuation tool is a free way to get an idea of what your home is currently worth - important if you’re thinking of selling. Of course, a valuation isn’t an iron-clad guarantee of what your home will sell for - think of it as more of an educated guess. This isn’t because we (or our valuation tool!) don’t know what we’re talking about; it’s because the value of your home can change over time as the market changes, or if the condition of the house is improved or deteriorates.

Our online valuation tool means that you can get a quick idea of what your home is worth right now, without having to come in and see us, or even having to get out of bed.


How Will Stevens’ Online Valuation Tool Benefit You?

You mean besides the minimised risk of hospitalising pensioners in supermarkets?

Well, our valuation tool is quick, accurate and easy to use. And, even though we really are rather easy on the eye down here at Stevens, you don’t have to come and see us face to face - which is a bonus if you’re still in your pyjamas at lunchtime because “someone” let the 3-year old watch Jurassic Park when they got in from work, and you had to sit up with him all night looking out for velociraptors.

Nice going, Bill.

Knowing what your home is worth at the moment is useful if you’re planning on remortgaging or taking cash out of your property for home improvements etc...or perhaps the next-door neighbour is selling up and you want to know how your’s measures up in the value-stakes (we’re not judging).  


Whether you’re planning on moving or not, finding out how much your home is worth right now couldn’t be easier or quicker, so why not stick the kettle on and be a Karen with our online valuation tool.


How Does The Online Valuation Tool Work?

Using our online valuation tool is easier than selling lightsabers at a Star Wars convention; simply type in the details: postcode, house number, type of property, number of bedrooms, and whether you want a sales or lettings valuation - or both - and then hit submit!

We’ll ask you for your name and email, as well as if you have any other additional info (perhaps you’ve recently added an extension or have off-road parking), and you’ll have your valuation shortly within 60 seconds.


How Does The Valuation Tool Gather The Data?

We use our extensive knowledge of the local area and our years of expertise to give you the most accurate valuation of your home at the time. We look at what other homes similar to yours have sold for, or what they’re currently on the market for.

If you live in a low crime rate area, have made lots of positive home improvements - such as landscaped your garden, or built extension - and are close to good schools and other amenities, this all will all contribute to the figure we come up with.

Alternatively, if you haven’t updated your decor since the ’80s and your garden could give Epping Forest a run for its money, you might find your valuation a tad disappointing.


Why Is The Online Valuation Tool Useful?

Well, if you’re anything like poor stressed Karen - sorry, I mean, Kay - time is a very precious commodity. Maybe you’re trying to juggle children with a busy career, or long working hours, a daily commute, a partner who works night shifts or who works away….perhaps there are literally no spare hours in the day to devote to going to see an estate agent in person.

Or maybe, like Bill, you want a rough idea of how much your home is worth before “someone” gets too carried away looking at 5-bed places with stables and room for a pool on Zoopla. You’re such a dream-squasher, Bill.

Maybe you’re not even sure you want to move but are curious to see how much you’ve made on your investment so far. Going to see a real-life estate agent to value a house you don’t really want to sell might seem a bit pointless - but with Stevens’ online valuation tool you’ll be able to get a rough idea of what your home is worth without having to come and see us.


Whether you’re planning on moving or not, finding out how much your home is worth right now couldn’t be easier or quicker, so why not stick the kettle on and be a Karen with our online valuation tool.

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