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Lettings Blogs July 10, 2021

Top 5 Reasons You Should Choose An Agent To Manage Your Property* (*Preferably Us!)

So, you have a property you’ve decided to let; and whether it’s a much-loved, former family home you don’t want to part with, or an investment property purchased with the sole intention to rent out, what you want is a smooth-sailing, stress-free experience that will generate a nice bit of income.

You might have considered going it alone - after all, why pay an agent for what you can do yourself? It’s only a case of finding a tenant and then sitting back and collecting the rent, isn’t it?

Sadly not.

Being a landlord, even for just one property, can be very time-consuming hard work, and if you’re trying to work full or part-time and still find time for family and a social life as well, you might find managing a property on top a lot more hassle than you bargained for.

If you’re new to the renting game, a good agent can really help speed up your learning curve; save you time, prevent you from making potentially costly mistakes, and eliminate the worries that having tenants can cause.

It’s probably not a great surprise to you that a letting agency is telling you that using a letting agency is your best bet when it comes to renting out your property, but we’ve put together the top five reasons that we think it’s best you do (besides the fact that we really love what we do!)


1.We Will Get You A Bigger Monthly Rental

Yep, we’re going straight in with: we’ll get you more money, which of course means more profit.

We have a great overview of the rental market and we know what other similar properties rent for, so we can make sure that you get what the property is worth.

We also use our years of knowledge and expertise to recommend improvements or additions to your property to make it even more desirable to the rental market and will command a higher rent.

Those looking to rent will often forgo ‘private’ landlords in favour of going through an agency because of the security it affords them - especially families.

Potential tenants want to be sure that there are proper contracts and insurances in place, and that all safety checks have been carried out on a property before they move in.

People know that agencies have rules and regulations to follow, and that the properties on their books have to be held up to a certain standard of condition and safety, therefore paying a little more on rent than they would with a private landlord, is a small price to pay for peace of mind.


3.We Find The Best Tenants

We know that the biggest concern when it comes to renting out your property is that you have tenants who will care for your property as if it were their own home - and of course, pay their rent in full and on time!

At Stevens all potential tenants undergo an extensive vetting and referencing process that includes checks with employers, credit checks, and getting references from any former landlords.

This helps us to find you the best possible match, and means that you can have tenants in your property and paying rent quicker than if you had to carry out your own checks and interviews in your own time.


4.There’s Less Stress!

Are the gas safety certificates up to date? Fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms all recently checked?

And how’s the boiler? Are there likely to be any issues with plumbing? - and if there is, are you cool with your tenant calling you in the middle of the night with a maintenance emergency?

Do you know a good electrician or plumber you could call if your tenant rings in a panic because there’s a leak or a problem with the electrics?

Exactly - it’s giving you a headache just thinking about it isn’t it!?

Having an agency manage the property for you means that you’re not going to have to deal with the stress of any of those issues first hand. We make sure that all relevant safety certificates and checks are kept up to date, and we’ll handle any maintenance issues that the tenant might have - even out of hours - plus we know some great maintenance people!


5.We’ll Keep You Legal

We don’t expect our landlords to always be able to keep on top of any regulatory changes, or to always know the ins and out of the standards that your property has to legally hold up to.

Because that’s our job!

We make sure that all legal standards are met, even if and when regulations change. This avoids you unknowingly doing something illegal or being in breach of a health and safety regulation.


6.We Give You Security

The reason that people rent out a property is to secure an income, and in an ideal world once you have the perfect, always-pay-on-time tenants they would make your house their home for many years to come.

But the world isn’t always ideal, which is why at Stevens we offer you as much security as possible by giving our well-vetted tenants a 12 month tenancy contract, unlike some agencies who start with a 6 month contract as standard.

This guarantees you at least a year of rental income, offering you more financial security than other letting agents.

So, if you’re about to become a landlord, and you want to reap all of benefits without any of the phone-calls-in-the-middle-of-the-night/where’s-my-rent/oh-my-god-is-the-boiler-safety-certificate-up-to-date type trauma; give Stevens a call, and let us manage it all for you.




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