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Info For Landlords in Ashford

Are you a landlord in Ashford?

Are you unhappy with the service from your current letting agent?

Or are you new to all of this and need some guidance and advice from an Ashford letting agent who knows what they’re talking about? (Hey, that’s us!) 

Whether you have one property to let or twenty, at Stevens we know that what you want is a smooth-sailing, stress-free experience that will generate a nice bit of income.

You might be thinking that you don’t really need the help of a letting agent – after all, being a landlord is only a case of finding a tenant and then sitting back and collecting the money, isn’t it? 

And surely you can just do that yourself?

Unfortunately, being a private landlord isn’t as simple as that. It can be time-consuming work – even if you’re just letting one property – and then if you factor in perhaps having to work full or part-time and finding time for your family on top of that, you might just discover that managing a property is a lot more hassle than you first thought.

Do you fancy being called in the middle of the night because your tenant has water coming through the living room ceiling?

Thought not.

If you’re a landlord with a property to let in Ashford, the lettings experts at Stevens can save you time, money, and worry.

If you get us to manage your property we will:

  • Get you a bigger monthly rental than if you go it alone. We know the Ashford lettings market inside out, so we can make sure you get what your property is worth
  • Find you the best tenants, thanks to our extensive vetting and referencing process 
  • Make sure that all relevant safety certificates and checks are kept up to date, and handle any maintenance issues that the tenant might have – even out of hours
  • Make sure that all legal standards are met, even if and when regulations change
  • Offer you as much security as possible by giving our well-vetted tenants a 12 month tenancy contract, unlike some agencies who start with a 6 month contract as standard

So, if you’re a landlord and you need help finding the best tenant, or want to know more about us managing your property, why not Contact Us and speak to one of our letting agents. 

If you’re looking to add a property to your portfolio, and aren’t sure which area to buy in next, take a look at our handy Local Area Guides and find out the most popular areas with renters in Ashford and the surrounding areas.


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