If you’re looking for a house or flat to rent in Ashford, Kent, we would always say that your best bet is to go to a reputable lettings agent like Stevens, rather than to rent directly through a private landlord.

Before you think, ‘they ARE letting agents – of course they’re going to say that!’, let us tell you why!

You might think that ‘going private’ could save you a bit of money and forgo you the hassle of credit checks…but that isn’t the case.

First of all, any ‘real’ landlord – even private ones – will want to do a credit check; if they don’t, it’s a major red flag. Run the other way.

Second of all, how much do you really know about this landlord and their property?

Are they really the legal owner of the flat? Are they a tenant who is trying to sublet without permission? Are you being charged a fair rent? Does the property meet all the relevant safety and legal requirements? How easy is it going to be if you want to move out? Can you get your deposit back? What will happen if they want to evict you?

Overwhelming isn’t it!

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous landlords out there, and renting privately means that you run more risk of ending up renting from one who falls short of the required standards, and could end up out of pocket, stressed, upset…maybe even homeless!

If you want to rent a property in Ashford, come and have a chat with one of our lettings agents instead.

We have loads of great properties available in Ashford and the surrounding areas, all owned by landlords we know well and have great relationships with. Renting with us means that you’ll have a safe and secure home, and pay a fair rent that reflects the area, condition and facilities of the property.

Not too sure where exactly in Ashford or beyond you fancy renting? Need to know that there are good schools nearby? Excellent transport links and good amenities? Then check out our handy Local Area Guides and find the perfect location for you.

So you want to house to rent in Ashford or the surrounding areas and want to find out what great properties we have available for rent right now in Ashford, Kent? Contact Us and speak to one of our expert letting agents today!

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