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Looking for a mortgage advisor in Ashford? 

Here at Stevens, we do it all under one roof: selling your home, helping you get the right insurance to suit your needs – AND – finding the very best mortgage deal for you and your family.

Because we’re awesome like that.

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Our sister company, More Than Money, is run by the same lovely people you might have already seen around the office when we sold your home, and they just happen to be your local mortgage experts.

You might be wondering why to bother with a mortgage broker when there are a million online price comparison sites out there promising to find you the best mortgage – or you could be thinking that it’s easier to just pop into your bank and get a mortgage with them.

First of all, not only are we just as cute and cuddly as any meerkat, we have access to lenders and deals that those fuzzy Russians and their mates don’t – and it could be that the perfect mortgage for you isn’t even on price comparison sites, so without coming to a mortgage advisor, you could be missing out.

And as for the bank – pfft!! (that noise again was ‘pfft’)

A lot of people assume that their bank will automatically give them the best mortgage as a reward for years of being a loyal customer – but that’s not the case. 

It won’t matter if you’ve had that account since your nan opened it with a quid when you were 3, you’ll go through the exact same application process as someone who’s just stepped foot in there for the first time. 

And being a current customer certainly doesn’t mean you’re a shoe-in to be accepted. It’s not like the bank clerk taking your details is going to put a good word in for you (“Ah go on mate, lend them the dosh, they’re in every Saturday and never moan about the queues.”)

A local mortgage advisor really is your best bet if you need any mortgage advice at all – whether you’re a first time buyer, or are looking to remortgage. 

Contact Us and let our in-house mortgage experts do what the banks and annoying price comparison site mascots can’t.

Want to know more about the best mortgage brokers in Ashford? (or at least see what they look like and read a witty line about what they like to do in their spare time) then meet the team, or why not come and see us in person, enjoy a hot cuppa, and find out how we can help you with your mortgage!

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