Jordan Talbot

Head of Brand and Marketing

It was a happy accident that led to me being part of the sales team at Stevens during the pandemic, but since then I’ve been able to indulge my creative side by moving over to branding and marketing; a role that allows me to use the skills and experience I gained in my background of event management.

When I’m not coming up with snappy taglines and making sure the world knows that Stevens is the best estate agency around, you’ll probably find me watching formula one! I was lucky enough to attend Silverstone last year, and have booked Monza for this year, so it’s fair to say that racing is one of my big passions. I also enjoy anything related to travelling and music festivals - as well as a trip to McDonald’s or Nandos (obviously?).

It’s a bit of a running joke that I’m not really a morning person… my colleagues tend to only talk to me after 12pm and even then, they approach with caution (or a coffee!).

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